The Caltech Ballroom Dance Club (CBDC) is a student-run dance club at the California Institute of Technology. We offer ballroom/swing classes, socials, parties and more. We also host a competitive ballroom team. Club members include a wide range of ballroom and swing dancing enthusiasts from around the LA area. For more information, about class offerings and schedule, contact cbdcsocial@gmail.com.


We are the students that help make CBDC run smoothly from behind the scenes. We teach, DJ, coordinate outings, socials as well as parties and above all else love to dance. Our goal is to share our passion for dance throughout Caltech and the wider dance community! If we have done our jobs correctly, you won't realize how much you've improved because you'll be too busy having fun.

Vice Presidents of Ballroom:

Alicia Tirone, Ariana Tribby


Ben Mackay

President: Mengsha Gong

Treasurer: Ben Mackay

Secretary: Celeste Labedz

Vice President of Swing:

Mikaela Lewis

Instructors: Mikaela Lewis